For over twelve years, Two Rivers has been proudly supplying meat to restaurants, retailers, chefs and everyone in between.


Like everyone in the food industry, we were caught off-guard by the COVID crisis, and our culinary community nearly disappeared overnight. We’ve been quietly tinkering, tweaking and toiling in the background to meet this crisis head-on. We have shifted things in the background in order to meet the increased demand from our online grocery partners. Adapting to this new normal has not come without its significant challenges and blows, but we’re happy to say that we’re on top of it.


This is the right time to try new ways of getting our friends, family & tight-knit community fed. That’s why we are now launching an online selection to sell directly to you. All items are things that friends and customers have asked for, or things that we would buy ourselves.


There’s so much uncertainty right now — but the one thing you can count on is quality, local meat when you need it. This new site may be temporary, it might be permanent. We don’t know. Just like everyone else in the food industry, we’re rolling with the punches. Thanks for coming along for the ride!



If you're reading this, there's a chance that you're like us.


Like a bridge between two worlds — the farm and the fork — we aim to help people rediscover their food traditions through modern innovations. And, we're in the unique position to help.

With one foot in the country (with our farmers) and one foot in the city (with our cooks) we dream of reconnecting people and pastures through quality, Canadian products and our love of the culinary experience!


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