Normally only sold fresh through our butcher-shop, these dry-aged steaks are sought-after by meat lovers and chefs all over the world. As a Canada Day weekend treat, we pre-cut, froze and reserved a handful for our online shoppers.


This is a special item — These steaks will be packaged FROZEN, and must be thawed properly before cooking. Plus, because these steaks are dry-aged, we recommend cooking them right after they've thawed.


In the box:

Two, Dry-Aged Striploin Steaks (12 oz/ea)

Two, Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks (12-14 oz/ea)


Steaks sold FROZEN. VERY limited quantities. 



But what is Dry-Aged Beef, you ask? 


Welcome to a whole new world of meat.  Similar to aged cheese or wine, dry-aging improves the quality of the beef — adding a more complex flavour, and also, making the meat much more tender.


It’s an age-old technique where moisture is drawn out of the meat. It is a process where the butcher controls decomposition and allows the natural enzymes to break down connective tissue. Sounds gross, but it makes the beef outstanding, creating an almost nutty, yet distinctly more “beefy” flavour. Think of it like the reduction of a sauce, slowly reducing the water content and increasing the rich taste and texture. You can find a steak that has been dry-aged from just a few days to well over a hundred. The longer the time aging, the stronger the flavour and due to the loss of moisture, the smaller the size. These steaks are aged between 40-45 days. This range is very popular as it allows the beef to develop a pleasing texture with a little nutty funk. Because we all love a juicy steak, dry-aging may sound counterintuitive on the surface, but the steak will actually be juicier as the proteins are broken down. Another win for science!


WARNING – if you take the time and properly prepare your dry-aged steak, it will ruin ‘regular’ steaks for the rest of your life. You are about to join an exciting, and delicious, new world.


  • This is a special item — available for pre-order online and PICK UP from our butcher shop.

    These steaks will be packaged FROZEN. We recommend properly thawing them before cooking and because they are dry-aged, we recommend cooking them as soon as possible once they are thawed. 

    As well, please read our (HOW IT WORKS) page thoroughly before placing your order. Some restrictions apply.